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Voice and Visual Driving Instructions: Patented, turn-by-turn guidance literally tells you when to make each turn and shows you the direction of the turm with visual turn icons.

Custom Route: You control the route that is used. Choose among the shortest distance time route, the shortest distance route, the most use of freeways, the least use of freeways, or the least used toll roads.

RoadExclude™: You can tell the Magellan vehicle navigator what roads you don't want to travel on and they will be excluded from that route.

TrueView™: Shows the actual road layout under a 3-D maneuver icon.

AutoRe-Route™: Miss a turn? Don't worry, the Magellan will automatically calculate a new route to your destination.

Off-Road Navigation: SUV and 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts can travel where there are no roads. Simply store your own waypoint locatins and the Magellan leads the way to them.

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